Inventours 1-Day Corporate Innovation Programs

  • Designed to reorient how firms think about innovation, improve corporate cultures of innovation, and further innovation team building. Programs include:

    Leading innovator physical & mental environment benchmarking
    • The Catalyzing Innovation approach to more systematic & creative ideation
    • Corporate innovation process self assessment exercise
    • In-market “safari” to observe innovation strategy & execution at retail
    • Post “safari” team exercise to apply learning & share insights
    • Steps to make innovation a 24/7 mindset in firms

Customized corporate “safari” themes have included:

  • Mornings

    Interactive lecture with examples that benchmark the world’s best innovators:
    Physical environments that inspire creativity
    Mental environments for disruptive innovation
    New idea stimuli flow
    Original metrics that lead to new thinking
    • Ways to engage more employees in contributing ideas
    Strategic lenses for screening innovation ideas

  • Afternoons

    Customized “safaris” (visits to retail, restaurants, & other       customer environments) to observe:
        – Catalyzing innovation types to launch in market
        – Innovation strategies & execution done well & poorly
        – Social media-worthy / “instagramable” innovations and           why they “break through the clutter”
    • Team screening & sharing of the most effective tactics
    • Steps to institutionalize the innovation mindset practices
    • Organization & utilization of employees-generated idea
        database, for brainstorming

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