Fresh Insights
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Fresh Insights
Incredible Access

Fresh Insights Incredible Access

Fresh Insights
Incredible Access

Fresh Insights,   Incredible Access

Fresh Insights,   Incredible Access

5-Day Innovation Programs For Global Execs To
Energize, Inspire & Improve New Product Development Processes

    • Barcelona | May 22 - 27 2016
  • Meetings with global innovators in their workshops, studios, labs, offices, accelerators, to cross-pollinate new thinking. Designed for Chief Marketing, Innovation, Disruption, Design, Creative, R&D, & New Product Development Officers: Pre-work & debriefs help attendees apply insights to their firms. Spaces are limited.

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    • Barcelona Immersive Innovation Program

      May 22 - 27 2016 | Mobile, Tech, Accelerators, Food, Fashion, Design, Retail
      Barcelona is... Home of the Mobile World Congress and a leader in mobile tech; where molecular gastronomy originated, Home of two #1 restaurants in the world in the last decade including the present, Home of fashion brands Desigual, Mango, Custo & nearby Camper; An architectural mecca, both classic and cutting edge; A furniture design leader and a video game capital. It's an ideal city to observe new innovation thinking and be inspired.
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    • Best practices & innovation strategies of the most successful global innovators
      A framework & checklist for innovating more broadly & systematically
      Application through in-market safari
      Instructions to easily institutionalize the approach
  • 1-Day Customized Corporate Programs

    Build, Inspire, Energize Teams & Teach “Systematic” Innovation
    These programs reorient how firms think about innovation, using the Catalyzing Innovation framework, leading innovator best practice examples, an innovation process self-assessment exercise, visits to highly innovative firms, and an in-city “observation safari” to apply the framework.
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  • "Inventours offers a high impact and unusually personalized opportunity to engage directly with innovation thought leaders across multiple industries in a foreign country.  Participants enjoy the kind of far-reaching access to senior ranks of innovators nearly unheard of in the normal course of business life. "
    Len VanPopering
    Senior VP of Product Development & Innovation
  • "At Inventours New York, I was fortunate to experience speakers who were renowned in their fields. They provided a very real, behind-the scenes understanding of "how" they created such successful businesses, from insights through execution, that was inspiring and enlightening. Michelle Greenwald helps link the insights to make them actionable for all the participants. This is a great program for people who are responsible for creating new concepts."
    Bonnie J. Carlson
    President and CEO

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  • Michelle Greenwald

    Michelle is a unique blend of marketing practitioner, former SVP New Products, Disney, and VP and GM, Pepsi-Cola; Marketing professor who has taught at Wharton, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, IESE, HEC and other international business schools; Innovation Author, with columns for Forbes and, and book, Catalyzing Innovation; and new business and marketing plan consultant with her firm Marketing Visualized™. She developed Inventours™; to fulfill an unmet need for a more methodical way to inspire and innovate across a variety of dimensions, to cross-pollinate new ideas and approaches. Michelle searches for brilliant innovators across industries in highly creative cities, for unprecedented access and insights.
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    • Book: Catalyzing Innovation

      60 Lines of Thinking to Drive Innovation | Michelle Greenwald
      A visual, strategic, inspirational checklist to help firms innovate for growth more methodically, completely, and creatively. Includes a framework, over 700 categorized, cutting-edge and classic innovation examples from a wide range of industries and countries, and exercises to practice. The last chapter is a guide to teaching the innovation process to employees. It also explains how to optimize bundles of product features, combined into one breakthrough product or service, at an optimum price.
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