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To Create Cultures of Innovation
& Improve Innovation Processes

San Francisco Week (Summer 2020) &
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1-Day Corporate Innovation Programs

To Teach Systematic Innovation, Inspire and Energize Corporate Teams

Designed to reorient how firms think about innovation, improve corporate cultures of innovation, and further innovation team building.

Corporate In-Market Safari: Theme Examples

Past Corporate Innovation Workshops & Presentations

San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Inventours 5-Day Program
Summer 2020

Technology, Product Design, Food, Sustainability, Future of Retail

Attendees will meet with senior management of approximately 25 firms across sectors, in their offices, studios & labs, to observe how the mental & physical environments they create & techniques they deploy, foster breakthrough new products & services.

Past 5-Day Program Agendas



Michelle is a unique blend of marketing practitioner (former SVP of New Products at Disney, and VP and GM at Pepsi-Cola), consultant, speaker, and business school professor.

She is constantly searching the globe for brilliant innovators for Inventours, her e-book Catalyzing Innovation she continuously updates, and for her Forbes CMO Network column on product, service & marketing innovation.

She founded DigitaLatest, a conference where senior management from all the major platforms, tools & technologies across the digital marketing eco-system, help execs get current, make better business decisions and be inspired by their latest capabilities and best use examples.

Book: Catalyzing Innovation

63 Lines of Thinking to Drive Innovation — Michelle Greenwald

A visual, strategic, inspirational checklist to help firms innovate for growth more methodically, completely, and creatively.

Includes a framework, over 900 categorized, cutting-edge and classic innovation examples from a wide range of industries.

Last chapter is a guide to teaching the innovation process to employees.